How Soon Will A New Fruit Tree Bloom and Grow Fruit?

Grafted Fruit Trees will typically begin to bloom and produce fruit after two to three years in the ground or in a large container. There are many factors that influence this process. Tree type, growing location, water, fertilizer, sunlight, and climate all play roles in fruit prodcution speed and quality.

Can My Edible Container Garden Plants Survive Indoors Over Winter?

Yes. If you live in an area that freezes, and you are growing potted edible plants that live year-round, you can bring them inside for the coldest months. Just be sure to give them as much light as possible each day, and water when the soil becomes dry below the surface to 2 inches. In some areas many edible plants naturally die back in winter. In such circumstances, it is better to let nature run its course, and start fresh plants in spring.

Do Dwarf Fruit Trees Grow Smaller Fruit?

No. Dwarf Fruit trees are simply standard-sized trees grown on dwarf rootstock, so that the tree grows a shorter overall height and generally stays smaller. However, the fruit a dwarf tree produces is exactly the same size and flavor as the same fruit variety grown on a full-sized tree.

What Soil Should I Use for My Edible Plants?

Most Edible Plants such as Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruit Trees, prefer well-drained soil that contains some organic matter. This is true for edible plants whether they are potted or grown in the ground. A good potting mixture is equal parts garden potting soil, composted manure, and clean sand. You can also make a potting mix with peat moss, perlite, and compost. Mix equal parts of peat moss and organic compost, and then add about 2 cups of perlite for every three gallons of soil for drainage.

How do I Know if an Edible Plant Will Grow in My Area?

Some edible plants like herbs and salad greens can be grown indoors in almost any area. If you are growing edible plants in the landscape, simply review the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, to be sure the plants you plan to buy can be grown outdoors in your location.

Why Can I Not Order the Tropical Fruit Tree I Want In My State?

Some state and federal regulations and laws prevent shipping certain types of plants and trees into or out of specific states. We always observe any existing regulations, and this may prevent us from shipping fruit trees or other edible plants to some locations.

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