HappyGro Growing System – 3 Gallon Tree


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color Air Pot Size Price Est. Arrival
Anthracite 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th
Bronze 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th
Dove Grey 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th
Fuscia 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th
Terra di Sienna 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th
Terracota 20 L $51.99 Tuesday, April 27th

Ships on Tuesday, April 27th

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This Dwarfing Kit combines the functionality of our Large Air Pruning Pot with the upscale looks of our Large Decorative Pot and Saucer to create a system that will enable your 3-gallon tree to remain in its new 6.5-gallon container for the longest period possible. At the same time, this kit lets you maintain your fruit tree at a manageable size. If you want to reduce the frequency of repotting, keep your trees small, but still harvest delicious crops of fruit, then this Dwarfing Kit is for you.

The 3 Gallon Dwarfing Kit comes with a Large (6.5-gallon) Decorative Pot with Saucer and a matching Large (20 Liter) Air Pruning Pot. The Air Pruning Pot fits inside the Decorative Pot, and allows your 3-gallon tree to remain potted for a much longer time than standard nursery pots. The Decorative Pot houses your tree in a fashionable container that looks great in any style of interior or outdoor location.

The Large Decorative Pots are made in Italy and reflect a high level of craftsmanship, superior material, and a smooth modern design. The Teiplast construction provides the strength and longevity of a strong plastic, but with the look of a solid cast material. Match your style by selecting from the colors Dove Grey, Terra di Siena, Terracotta, Anthracite, Bronze, Fuchsia, and Terracotta.

The 3-Gallon Dwarfing Kit is just what you need when you want to minimizing repotting, control tree size, and grow thriving fruit trees that produce healthy crops.