Hass Avocado Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 8 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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When many people think of an Avocado, they think of the popular Hass variety. The little, black, high-quality fruit with its nutty flavor, creamy texture, and the small seed has become one of the most widely distributed produce items in the US. Every Hass Avocado tree growing today comes from a single tree grown in a California neighborhood. The name Hass refers to that original tree’s owner. Now you can grow this delicious, nutritious favorite in your own back yard.

Hass Avocado Trees are a great choice for the home grower in USDA Zones 9 to 11. Hass Avocado Trees like full sun, are sensitive to temperatures below 32º F., grow to heights of thirty-five feet, and widths of about eighteen feet. The handsome trees grow upright, have small, deep green leaves, and light brown to grey bark. They bloom clusters of yellow flowers that are pollinated by bees and other insects.

Avocado Tree Care

Within USDA Zones 9 to 11 Hass Avocado Trees can be grown in the ground. Select a spot with good draining soil and that gets six hours of direct sun each day. The best location for a new Hass Avocado Tree also has about twelve feet of growing room on all sides. Hass Avocados prefer deep watering and time for the soil to fully drain. The ground under your Hass Avocado Trees can be mulched with leaves, grass clippings, hay, or shredded tree bark.

For the Hass Avocado Tree’s first year water once per week, or anytime the ground is dry down to two inches deep. As the trees mature they will need less watering, especially in the colder months. Hass Avocado Trees can be fertilized once every three months unless mature avocados are on the tree. Apply fertilizer amounts based on the product’s directions for tree size and water in well.

Fruit & Harvesting

Hass Avocados have a long fruiting season, and the fruit can be picked from April through September. Hass Avocados are small and most ripe fruits weigh ten to twelve ounces. The Hass is an  “A-Type” bloomer, wich will pollinate with any “B-Type” blooming Avocado Tree. Hass Avocado Trees will produce fruit on their own, but compatible pollinator trees nearby will increase yields.

Mature and ready to eat Hass Avocados have black bumpy skin, are oval, and get up to four inches long. They are easy to peel and their flesh is smooth with a nutty taste. They are considered high quality for eating fresh or for use in any recipe that calls for avocados. Their single one to two-inch seed is smooth, oval, and removes easily when cutting and preparing the fruit. Harvest Hass Avocados by hand or with a fruit picking basket tool for fruit on higher branches.

Growing Zones


Hass Avocado Trees are more cold-sensitive than many other types of Avocado Trees. If you are in a colder area than the tree’s recommended zone (9-11) you can grow a Hass Avocado Tree in a pot and bring it indoors for the colder months. A tree growing indoors needs as much sunlight as possible, so place the potted Avocado Tree in a south-facing window and supplement with growing lights if needed. Trees inside also need a nightly period of darkness. If it is dark outside, the tree should be in a dark room as well.

Hass Avocado Trees do best in soil that drains well, has organic matter, and is not compacted or high in clay. Water potted trees outdoors if you can, or in a shower so the pot can drain fully. Water when the soil is dry down to two inches below the surface. A saucer can be used to catch draining water, but do not let the pot sit in a sacuer of water continuously, since soggy soil can cause root damage.


Where is the best place to grow a Hass Avocado?

Hass Avocado Trees do best growing in-ground within USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9 to 11. They thrive in Florida, California, Texas, and other southern states.

Do Hass Avocado Trees need a pollinator tree?

Hass Avocado Trees can produce fruit alone in a garden, especially in locations where avocado trees are common. Growing both a Hass Avocado Tree and a complimentary flower type Avocado Tree will increase yields.

Why are Hass Avocados sometimes called Haas Avocados?

Hass Avocados are named for the original property owner where the first tree was discovered. The name for this fruit and tree has so often been misspelled as Haas, that the second spelling has become common.

How long does it take an Avocado to ripen?

Avocados mature on the tree but will still be hard when picked. A mature avocado picked when it is ready will take about a week to become soft and ready to eat.

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